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By Geno McGahee

Floyd Mayweather, JR., 41-0, 25 KO’s, is ready to return to the ring on Saturday, and the anticipation is growing for his collision with WBC Welterweight Champion, Victor Ortiz, 29-2-2, 22 KO’s.

The HBO 24/7 reality show, that is helping to promote the fight, is doing a very good job and offering a window into the mentality of both fighters. Ortiz isn’t the technician or defensive whiz that Mayweather is, but he is very focused. Floyd, as usual, is irritable and craving the attention that he feels he deserves.

In the latest installment of the 24/7 series, Floyd has voiced his disapproval of the direction of the program and the focus on the backstory of his opponent, and even pointed out that Oscar De La Hoya, a man linked to Ortiz, wears fishnets. Oscar recently came out and stated that he did pose for the infamous photographs where he was in drag under the influence of cocaine.

Although Ortiz is the underdog going into this PPV showdown, but there is a definite feeling about this fight that is quickly catching on. Ortiz was being groomed as a superstar before getting sidetracked with a loss to Marcos Maidana. He’s been undefeated since and is a better fighter now then he was then and is much more dangerous. He is prepared and will be aggressive and Floyd hasn’t seen an opponent as dangerous as him in a long, long time.

What may help Ortiz is the lackluster opposition for Floyd Mayweather, JR., over the last five years.

In 2010, he defeated a totally shot Shane Mosley via decision. In 2009, he took on the much smaller Juan Manuel Marquez and walked to a decision win. Marquez is a great fighter, but a welterweight he is not. In 2007, Floyd battered the overrated light welterweight Ricky Hatton and out-boxed the over the hill Oscar De La Hoya. In 2006, he defeated the overmatched brawler Carlos Baldomir, and had his last big win over a dangerous opponent in Zab Judah.

Judah shares some similarities with Ortiz. Both are quick southpaws with a powerful punch. Judah was coming off of a loss to Baldomir and had something to prove and gave Floyd the fight of his life. Ortiz is in a similar position, but he is bigger than Zab and has more grit. Ortiz has many of the qualities that have given Mayweather troubles in the past and he will be in there looking to take out the pound for pound best (or second best, depending on your thoughts of Manny Pacquiao).

Ortiz will have his own battles going into this showdown. He will have to find a way to effectively penetrate the defense of Floyd, conquer any jitters fighting on the big stage for the first time, and don’t fall asleep as he did when he faced Lamont Peterson. He will have to push forward the entire fight and try to get Floyd out of there. With the inactivity of “Money Mayweather,” the chances of catching him should be better than they usually are.

Those of you that have been desperately waiting to see Floyd Mayweather JR., lose may get what you want Saturday night. Whatever happens, expect a much more exciting fight then you’ve seen Floyd involved in in quite some time. This should be fun.

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