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Bill Goldberg Vs Batista: BREAKING WWE/TNA NEWS

By The Masked Hernandez

Goldberg and I go way back brother. We drove our Harleys down the coast back in the day and watched as the babes flocked to us. He was the big deal in WCW at the time man and then he conquered WWE until Triple H made a power play and stopped him from holding the gold man. Triple H…you want to know what’s wrong with wrestling man, start there.

There have been some rumors man about Goldberg taking on former WWE Champion Batista in a big time showdown, a precursor to his return to big time wrestling, most likely with TNA, but Bill called me man, and said that it was all rumors brother. “Don’t believe everything you hear masked man,” he said, and he gave me the green light to break it to you.

Goldberg will be back man, but he won’t be facing Batista…not yet at least.

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