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By Cupcake Killer

On October 16th, we will see two legends that have taken a ride on the lightning of this game and have brought the thunder down upon their opposition. When I got into the game many years ago, I met both men at the infancy of their journey and knew then what I still hold true to this date. These two gladiators would capture greatness and now they will resume a familiar war at the Bound for Glory TNA pay per view.

“Hollywood” Hulk Hogan

The man that took the WWF to the top of the game in the 1980s when he escaped the camel clutch of the Iron man from Iran, and took the gold, running with it without getting his shoulders pinned until years later by an Ultimate force. He slammed a giant, beat King Kong, and carried Wrestlemania with his mania.

A shift to WCW brought more success as he teamed with two outsiders to form the NWO, and change the game for the better, bringing in new fans and proving that an old man can still bring it.

Shifting back to the WWE (the new name for WWF), Hogan would regain the title, and regain some old fans before landing in TNA, and trying to bring that federation to the top. He, along with a former NWO buddy, Eric Bischoff are trying to recreate the success, and they are bringing in the WCW rivalry that gained great ratings with a match up against Sting.


The master of the death lock and death drop of Scorpion nature has had a great career with his splash of madness and screams to the gods. He began as a tag team partner to the Warrior but then found greatness on his own. He would have several runs at WCW king, and remain true to his home until it collapsed.

Sting has had great feuds with Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Vader, and has taken a page out of the Cupcake Killer’s recipe book with his Joker persona in TNA. Older and slower, he still is quite exciting and can still bring the madness down and will be ready for a collision with Hogan at the pay per view.

Sting vs. Hogan is a big attraction and all fans of the sport can get that warm feeling again when the two tangle at this TNA PPV show. The fans are going to win here, unless we get a repeat of Hogan vs. the Warrior II….let’s hope we don’t see that.

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