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RSR Message Board Update

By Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

Our new and improved message boards enjoyed a terrific kick-off last week and the timing couldn’t have been better given the fact that it served as a sort of lead-in to the first major boxing event of the year. “Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey” by Ring Rat brought out colorful and opposing opinion on the yet to be realized outcome from many of those among our ranks, and in its aftermath, capped with “Manny Pacquiao – Are We Convinced Yet” by yours truly. Such is the nature of our sport, the diversity of viewpoint from fans all around the globe and the undeniable intrigue the build-up such a mega-event brings, our message boards truly rank as a first-class outlet for those that love the sport of boxing and enjoy mature and intelligent discussion and debate. Watch for more such discussions in the weeks ahead as the sport moves closer to upcoming big bouts featuring marquee names such as Klitschko, Haye, Pavlik and Mayweather.
Watch for our new and improved RSR Prediction League for the month of April to be posted shortly, easily the most demanding prediction league to be found anywhere on the web. For those of you that are not currently a member of RSR and would like to take part in the various forums and fight polls, or put your powers of pugilistic prognostication to the test in the soon to be posted April 2010 Prediction League, act now using the link to submit your request.

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