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Casey Anthony: VIDEO CONCLUSIONS, Nancy Grace & Moving On

By Geno McGahee

The infamous “Tot Mom,” Casey Anthony, may have been found not guilty by a jury of her peers, but the jury is still out publicly and with the release of a prison video, the speculation has begun again.

The video of Casey watching the television where they announced that remains were found is very compelling. They don’t announce that it is the body of Caylee, but she still collapses in emotion and then requests a meeting with her lawyer. Does that mean that she knew that it was her daughter? Did it make her think of her daughter and that it may just be her? That’s the argument and it is open for debate.

Nancy Grace is focusing on Anthony again along with her run on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. She knows that Casey brings ratings and there may be some sense of defeat and a hope that she can capture some form of victory over her. Grace was so certain that Casey was guilty and pushed very hard to steer her audience in that direction and was very successful at it. The Anthony – Grace story isn’t over yet.

Casey is trying to move on, but she is still a subject of public scrutiny. It will be a tough road, but she may make a bundle of money from it…more money, arguably, then she would have ever. It should be interesting to see what her next moves are.

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