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Brock Lesnar: Back to WWE – UFC 141 Will End his MMA Career

By Vinnie Franklin

At UFC 141, the former UFC Heavyweight Champ, Brock Lesnar faces off against Alistair Overeem, a showdown in December, and there are now reports surfacing that Lesnar isn’t able to train appropriately. He’s already making excuses! This guy was hyped up by Dana White, matched strategically to make all the money in the world and pitted against has-beens and no hopers. I’ll give the guy some credit. He is a better quality fighter than Kimbo Slice, but he is now facing Overeem, a guy that will tear him limb from limb.

Lesar, 5-2, hasn’t had a match in a year, a loss to Cain Velasquez…and a bad loss at that. He was exposed, and now the experienced and talented Overeem, 35-11, comes to the UFC from Strikeforce to take down the former WWE star.

Now Vince McMahon has had a couple of meetings with his former wrestler and there is a deal in place to have him come back to the world of fake fighting if he loses to Overeem in December. Unless Overeem goes into the octagon ill prepared or wearing a blindfold, he should be able to get by Lesnar with relative ease.

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