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Hell in the Cell RESULTS: Randy Orton, CM Punk & More – WWE/TNA NEWS

By Masked Hernandez

We began with Triple H’s buddy, Sheamus taking on Christian man, and it was a heated match that the crowd went crazy for. Christian is a popular guy with a lot of charisma brother and the WWE needs to let him rise to the top. Sheamus got the win though when he landed his Brogue kick for the 1-2-3.

Sin Cara took on Sin Cara in a match that reminded me of the Summerslam Undertaker vs. Undertaker match man. I was seeing double man, and the Sin Cara in blue took the victory in a match of clone wars. This happened to me in1981 when they brought in another Masked Hernandez and I bodyslammed him and got nasty, pinning him and ripped of the mask to reveal a ugly dude named “Diaz Smith.”

Air Boom took on Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger for tag team gold. In the end, Air Boom would win the match, but it was a mixed bag man. Nothing special here.

Mark Henry, a guy that has been disgraced as “Sexual Chocolate,” has not got his just due man. As world champion, he has been on a mission of destruction brother, and he was a beast inside the hell in the cell. Randy Orton, the son of my good friend Bob Orton, is the real deal and put on one hell of a show and so did Henry. The pop from the crowd was huge and in the end, Henry’s size was too much and he got the 1-2-3 after his world strongest slam.

Cody Rhodes took on John Morrison with IC gold on the line. Morrison has been making waves backstage for a long time and they weren’t going to give him a title. Rhodes walked away champ even though Morrison is a much better talent brother. Beth Phoenix won the Diva’s title from Kelly Kelly…and I’m glad to see that man. Phoenix is the best they got man.

In the three-way match, Alberto Del Rio came out new champ as he faced John Cena and CM Punk, as I said it would happen man. Del Rio used some creative cheating to overcome the odds and take the gold.

Hell in the Cell was a PPV to forget. It was mediocre and the fans deserve better than this brother.

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