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By Vinnie Franklin

You know, every time that I think I’ve heard it all, something comes along and surprises me and when Tyson Fury challenged Brock Lesnar to a bare knuckle brawl, I nearly choked on my coffee. It’s not a true challenge, but I’ll play along.

Brock Lesnar is a novelty and Tyson Fury is an overprotected mediocrity, carefully brought to the top. The two do have a lot in common, but Fury would not be able to handle Lesnar. As much as I have criticized the guy, Lesnar is a big strong man with big punching power and Fury may be able to beat him in a boxing match, but if the rules are more barbaric, then Lesnar will win.

If it’s MMA rules or if it has any branch of MMA mixed in, Fury will be out and out early. This is a joke, but so is the career of Fury. He said he wanted to do something crazy on his Twitter account. Crazy and suicidal are two different things and facing Lesnar is not a good idea.

Lesnar has bigger money to make anyway. If he defeats Alistair Overeem, he’s back in the money and a shot at the UFC Heavyweight Title. If he loses, rumor has it that Vince McMahon has a very lucrative deal for him to come back to the world of the WWE. Tyson Fury does not fit into the agenda. This is just a ploy to gain attention, and that’s exactly what it did.

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