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Ashton KUTCHER – Demi MOORE Hollywood Marital PROBLEMS: Hollywood INSIDER TELLS ALL

By Danny Allen

So today’s news is dominated by the recent information that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are breaking up after several years of marriage. Is this true or a publicity stunt to get Demi’s career back on track? What we have here is the old movie STAR IS BORN storyline. However, instead of the female lead becoming the star, and the male lead becoming an ex-star, you have the opposite with Ashton Kutcher’s star reaching the stratosphere with his recent signing to replace Charlie Sheen on TWO AND A HALF MEN and Demi’s falling faster than quicksand for the time being.

When you look at her movie credits, you see she has not starred in a big box office movie since 1997 when she played GI Jane. It was actually on that set when I first met her when Director Ridley Scott, a former Golf buddy asked me to come on and watch some daily rushes of the film which he was very excited about.

Being a former Korean Veteran, I got a kick of Demi playing the first ever (pretend of course) Navy Seal. We spoke briefly and she was very sweet and in great shape. I knew of her work over the years and always enjoyed it. Ashton, on the other hand, has that something special that puts me in the mind of my dear late friend Gig Young. Gig, could do comedy though he was a leading man flawlessly. But when it came time to do dramatic roles, it really showed what he was acting DNA was made of. Perfect example, is the 1959 episode of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone TV series named WALKING DISTANCE. His acting is award winning to say the least.

Kutcher and Young were and are special. They were destined for stardom and now that Kutcher has really made it, and his wife Demi’s career is faltering, their group decided to go the infidelity route to get Demi back on the map. Remember Jessie James and Sandra Bullock? Sandra’s career soared. Well, Demi’s is going to once again, with keeping her name out there. Being in the business for over 60 years, I am not a fan of this route, but it always pays dividends. So sit back and watch it unfold. Then remember, Demi was once Hollywood Royalty and will be once again.

Do you agree with Danny this is a publicity stunt to get Demi's career back on track by spreading rumors of marriage problems between her and Ashton Kutcher?

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