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Frankie Edgar Vs Gray Maynard & Chael Sonnen Vs Brian Stann: UFC 136 OFFICIAL BREAKDOWN

By Vinnie Franklin

This Saturday, the UFC presents a PPV for our viewing pleasure and I have been talking to a lot of the fans of RSR and UFC and they have expressed their thoughts and have told me that they don’t think this card is good enough to have a 60 dollar price tag.

We have the main event, a rematch between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard. Maynard got the win over Edgar in 2008 and then they would rematch into a draw. This is a rivalry that has always been entertaining and there is a story here. You got this guy that lost the first time, got a draw the next, and now plans to come in better. Edgar may tie it up here.

What about this guy Kenny Florian taking on Jose Aldo? Florian has moved down in weight in one last attempt to take that UFC Gold, and that is something that is on his mind this weekend. It’s another interesting showdown that’s being overlooked.

Chael Sonnen is coming back after some troubles with drugs and the FEDS, and is coming in clean and eager to return to form and he has Anderson Silva in his crosshairs. Sonnen helps sell this card. Brian Stann stands in his way and that’s a tall order for him. What a great match this is and it might have been a good idea to push these guys to the top of this card or call it a “co-main event.”

Leanord Garcia will take on Nam Phan in another rematch and you can expect a war here, and some revenge for Phan, who was blatantly robbed.

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