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By Jim Minkle

The X Posse/Webhead Entertainment production of Geno McGahee’s FAMILY SECRET comes to New Hampshire. The Jam Factor at 1211 Elm Street in Manchest New Hampshire, will present a double header of horror with DRIVE-IN HORROR SHOW an anthology, and the horror film that has been making huge waves in the horror community, generating coverage from MTV, IFC, FANGORIA, and more. FAMILY SECRET, if you haven’t seen it yet and are in the New Hampshire area, this is your opportunity.

I had the opportunity to speak with Writer/Director Geno McGahee about his film and its success and what he feels separates it from the other lower budget independent films. He said: “I feel that FAMILY SECRET is a throwback to the 1970’s style of horror. This is not influenced by SAW or HOSTEL. This is a mystery with a lot of surprises. I look forward to seeing what the Halloween crowd in New Hampshire has to say about it.”

The double feature is put together by Rich Dumont’s Sweaty Turtle Entertainment, a group that has vowed to bring the best indie action to the people and with this double feature. Doors open at 745 PM and the first film will being at 815, with a suggested donation of 10 dollars at the door.

For more information and a schedule of upcoming screenings stay in touch by watching www.sweatyturtle.com website and the “Like Life, But Shorter” page. Contact Rick Dumont at sweatyturtle@gmail.com or 603 731-8163 for more. The Jam Factory is located at 1211 Elm St, Manchester, NH.

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