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Bernard Hopkins – Chad Dawson PPV: SHOCKING BOXING RESULTS


By Geno McGahee

Chad Dawson, 31-1, 18 KO’s, recaptured the WBC Light Heavyweight title in strange fashion with a second round TKO over Bernard Hopkins, 52-6-2, 32 KO’s. The first round started with Dawson outworking Hopkins, but it was not very eventful and neither fighter showed any true dominance. Dawson, to his credit, did come into this fight with great purpose.

In the second round, Dawson seemed to turn it up a little and was trying to take control of the fight. A missing overhand right hand by Hopkins led to “The Executioner” landing on top of the ducking Dawson. He reacted by shoving Hopkins and that was the end of the fight. Hopkins landed on the floor and immediately claimed shoulder injury and the fight was over. The referee ruled that there was no foul and therefore, Dawson won by TKO.

The crowd booed the fact that the fight was over before it began. Dawson was furious in victory because he lost the moment of his life and later claimed that Hopkins faked the injury because he knew he could not win. He may be right and he may have won, but the losers tonight were the fans that paid for the event and also those that are supporting the ailing sport of boxing. The two last pay per view shows featured Floyd Mayweather, JR., cheap-shotting his way to victory and now a body slam TKO in 2 rounds in a fight that never started. Dana White must be celebrating. Boxing fans are going to be afraid to rent anything anymore, considering the long line of bull that they have to endure.

Hopkins probably won’t retire, but the brief moments in the ring were not pretty ones. He didn’t look sharp at all and Dawson was ready. He may very well have quit to avoid an embarrassing and inevitable loss.

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