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Amir Khan: “Manny Pacquiao Retire NOW”

WBA jr welterweight champion Amir Khan is often on the receiving end of taunts and callouts from other fighters, but the British boxer was on the verbal offensive in an interview with the London Daily Telegraph, taking aim at Wild Card training partner Manny Pacquiao and fellow 140lb titleholder Timothy Bradley.

“I’m going to tell Manny to consider retirement and not go on too long. He has some serious thinking to do – he was lucky and he got away with it against [Juan Manuel] Márquez,” Khan told the Telegraph. He also stated that he thought Marquez had won the fight and suggested he could beat Pacquiao now himself. “In our sparring lately, he’s not the one getting the better of it,” Khan stated. The Daily Telegraph also reported that Pacquiao’s Filipino advisers had allegedly told him to stop sparring with Khan.

Khan also stated Timothy Bradley had no response when he told Bradley to “grow some balls” at the weigh-in before Bradley’s fight with Joel Casamayor. “He’s been avoiding me, and it’s time for us to fight.”

Next up for Khan is a December 10 date against Lamont Peterson in Washington DC.

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