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Rampage Jackson Goes to Japan: MMA/UFC NEWS

By Sean Farrell

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson one of the most colorful and controversial fighters of this generation has always been blunt about his opinions on the sport of MMA. Of the many things “Rampage” speaks about… whether it is money, his bosses, or it’s the fans we all listen and love or hate what he has to say. Not all fans however, but mostly US fans who have a much more aggressive attitude than the honorable, more respectful Japanese fans that Jackson spent most of his career competing for in the legendary PRIDE FC.

Rampage will return to compete in Japan for the first time since 2006, facing a very young contender in Ryan Bader at UFC 144. The bout is scheduled for late February at the very familiar Saitama Super Arena. Speaking at a press conference in Japan to promote the fight, Jackson revealed his excitement to once again put on a show for the Japanese fans, and Jackson sounds determined again, something that has seemed to be missing since his A-Team movie.

“Back when I was fighting here, I had so much energy,” Jackson said. “I just wanted to put on a good show for the fans because all the energy they give. In America, you’re under so much pressure to win at all costs because the fans talk sh*t to you if you lose, even if it’s a good, exciting fight. In Japan, it’s just a different energy. Who knows? Maybe I’ll take more chances and not care because it’s all about the crowd. I react to the crowd. I don’t care about the people watching on TV.”

Jackson even joked he might be motivated to put on a better show than in recent bouts just by virtue of the Japanese crowd. All he seems to care about, win or lose is being exciting for his favorite crowd – whether US fans like it or not.

“The only thing that matters when he steps in the cage in Japan is that he comes in to put on an exciting show,” he said. “I’m all about putting on an exciting fight in Japan. One thing I love about Japanese fans and why I love them the most is that they don’t care if you win or lose. All they care is if you have samurai spirit, which you put on a good fight. That’s why Japanese fans are my favorite. And American fans are jealous that I say that all the time.”

Jackson makes a valid point, but we also have to remember culture in America is drastically different than other parts of the world. But one thing is guaranteed, we will see “Rampage” once again and not the Quinton Jackson we have seen in recent years.

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