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Georges St. Pierre Vs Nick Diaz: GSP Plans to End His Career – UFC SHOCKER

By Sean Farrell

When Nick Diaz called out Georges St. Pierre after thrashing BJ Penn at UFC 137 last month, Georges St-Pierre became uncharacteristically angry, begging UFC president Dana White for a chance to teach Diaz a lesson in the Octagon. The normally unflappable, polite, and kind French-Canadian was so eager to put Diaz in his place that Carlos Condit was bumped from his title shot in favor of the trash-talking, disrespectful Nick Diaz.

GSP will now make his next title defense against Diaz, with the two likely to square off at UFC 143 in February of next year. The dominant champion expects more insults from Diaz between now and then, but doesn’t plan on letting them affect him like Diaz’s initial call out did, St. Pierre said he’ll barely be able to understand his opponent anyway.

“I’ve seen it all from everyone before,” St-Pierre said of trash talking “If they’re trying to get into my head and make me fight a bad fight, it’s just mind games and it doesn’t work. I don’t even understand (or) speak English very well. I don’t understand most of the things that (Diaz) says when he trash talks. I don’t really care. I’m just going to focus on hurting him.”

St-Pierre respects his opponent like every other he has faced in his career, but he knows that he can beat Diaz, regardless of the formidable skill set that the brash 28-year-old brings to the table.

“If I hit him well, he’s going to fall,” he said. “He’s a human being. He’s not different than anyone else. (But) he’s got good boxing and he’s great at Brazilian jiu jitsu. It’s going to be a good fight.”

St. Pierre looks motivated to finally get that elusive stoppage victory the US fans clamor to see…I however hope he jabs Diaz’s mouth into oblivion ala Josh Koscheck’s eye.

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