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Brutus Beefcake GAY SHOCKER – What Hulk Hogan Did to Him – WWE/TNA STUNNING NEWS

By Masked Hernandez

I just heard that the “Barber” or “Booty Man” or “Zodiac” or whatever other gimmick he has, Brutus Beefcake, is suing Linda Bollea (Hogan) for saying he had gay sex with Hulk Hogan brother.

You gotta understand what happens behind the scenes in wrestling man. You roll around with a man for a while, gay or not, you’ll get excited man. It’s nothing to be ashamed of brother. Go with it.

Beefcake doesn’t like being called a homosexual man and he’s filing a lawsuit against Linda, because he is a man dammit. He said the following: “I’ve known [Linda] for almost 40 years,” said Beefcake. “But when she starts trying to ruin our careers, it just ain’t fair. Hulk is a tremendous person … a great man who deserves to be happy,”

Now come on Brutus. You don’t have a career anymore, brother. You’ve been doing that celebrity boxing stuff and getting your ass handed to you man. You can’t live off Hogan’s teet and even if you win the lawsuit, what did you lose man? Be happy you’re back in the news, and besides, who cares if you had gay sex with Hulk?

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