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Jon Jones: Is He Unbeatable? – UFC NEWS & MORE

By Vinnie Franklin

UFC 140 was an MMA fan’s dream. This guy, Jones, may be the best fighter in the history of the game. I picked him to win, but I didn’t think he would take down Lyoto Machida so easily. What a huge accomplishment that was.

I sat ringside and watched as this guy, Machida, came roaring out of the corner like a caged lion. The man was possessed, but Jon Jones brought that cross and that collar and was ready to be the exorcist and choked that demon out.

The guillotine was enough to put Machida out. He just went limp in there. It was a dangerous situation and I’m glad that the guy is OK. Jones is no joke and proved it again here. Who else is there to challenge the kid?

I also enjoyed the arm-snapping performance of my friend, Frank Mir. The guy said before the fight that he was taking no prisoners and he didn’t. Antonio Noguiera just can’t handle the kimura. Poor “Big Nog” got his arm broken by this guy and the show may be permanently over for him. You know that you’re never the same after a break.

Now we got this guy, Brock Lesnar, taking on Alistair Overeem in a few weeks. Put on your seatbelts for that one ladies and gentlemen.

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