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Alistair Overeem On STEROIDS – UFC 141 ALLEGATIONS Update – What Does it Mean?

By Vinnie Franklin

I recently sat down with a friend of mine and he’s a former MMA guy that never really made it, so now he trains people. If you can’t do, teach, right? This guy brought up the Overeem – Brock Lesnar fight at UFC 141, and that’s when he said: “He’s juicing man.” There has been no proof that I have seen that this guy is roiding up, but where there’s smoke, there can be a fire, and how will this affect the fight?

Some of the people I know have said that Overeem fled out of the country to avoid the drug test and where there is money, there is corruption man. With millions of dollars on the line, people tend to do whatever they can do to get it.

The license that they are giving Overeem makes it a point that he tests before and after the fight man. They are going to make sure the guy is squeaky clean, but what if he comes up dirty and what sort of pressure does this put on the two powerhouses come December 30th?

Baseball, boxing, football, and every other sport except darts have steroids rampant and it’s just a shame when we see it at the top of the game. Let’s hope that Overeem isn’t going to give the UFC a black eye at the end of this year. He’s a big name and could be really special … if he’s not juicing.

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