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Hulk Hogan – Brutus Beefcake GAY ADMISSION: “For My Entire Life!” -BREAKING WWE/TNA NEWS

By Masked Hernandez

I just sat down to watch Inside Edition man and they had the “Booty Man” brother and I thought that every other guest must have been busy man, but they brought on Beefcake to find out how gay it got between he and the Hulkster brother.

When asked if he was gay, Beefcake said: “Absolutely not. He’s been my best friend for my entire life!” He then said that his “mouth fell open,” when he heard Linda’s allegations.

So far, the two in question have said that they didn’t play hide the salami man, but the 1980’s were a blurry time man…believe me, I know! You do a little coke here, a little roids there, and good luck remembering who you screw brother.

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