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Alistair Oveerem – STEROID FREE – Bring on Brock Lesnar!

By Vinnie Franklin

According to a statement by the Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director, Keith Kizer today, Alistair Overeem passed a pre-fight drug test. This guy is clean and ready to face off with Brock Lesnar, the #2 and #3 heavyweights colliding on December 30th at UFC 141.

Dana White, the UFC head honcho, was going crazy on his Twitter page man, saying: “Overeem is ready to go!!! Lesnar vs. Overeem is on!” Well, he should be excited. The guy is going to make millions off of this highly anticipated showdown.

Now, Kizer did elaborate a little on the test, noting that there are “indicators toward steroid use,” but the test was clean. You know this guy was juicing, but these guys know how to play the game. Steroids is everywhere in sports…and the athletes know how to play the game. Think Manny Pacquiao.

Whatever the case, Lesnar vs. Overeem is high drama and anything will go at UFC 141. I will be there front row people and I won’t be wearing my white shirt with all of the blood splatter that I anticipate.

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