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By Vinnie Franklin

Steroids man…they said the guy was using, but he came up clean. Ding-dong. Who’s there? The Commission and they are letting these guys duke it out, but don’t think that Overeem was not juicing. According to reports, he’s clean now, but there are a lot of signs that his bulking up was not so natural. This guy has been bending the rules.

There was a lot of talk amongst the MMA guys and many thought that this UFC 141 was going to have a different headliner. Lesnar vs. Mir or something like that man….but the stars were aligned and Dana White can rest easy. The fight and show will go on.

Now, I have gotten hammered with emails about my pick in this fight, after all of these new developments. How will Lesnar deal with the wildlife people being up his ass and how will Overeem deal with the steroid controversy? It all evens out my friends. So, without any further ado, here is what you are waiting for:


Brock Lesnar is as strong as an ox and as smart as one too (according to some). He will rush Overeem and try to use his power to beat him down, but the problem that Lesnar faces is that he is fighting a guy that has seen it all and has beaten opponents better than Lesnar. Brock has a “puncher’s chance” in this one. If the guy can land, maybe he can win, but Overeem is the star here. Look for Overeem to win via stoppage in 1 round. It will be an all out war for that round, but the cream rises to the top man and you will see it here.

(Note: Vinnie Franklin has a 98% accuracy rate on MMA predictions.)

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