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Brock Lesnar FIXED FIGHT –WWE RETURN Stopped UFC Career

By Vinnie Franklin

So I was at this joint last night with some of my fellow journalists and the Brock Lesnar – Alistair Overeem fight came up. This guy went in there and took out “The Next Big Thing” with some impressive body work, including knees and a vicious kick that crippled Lesnar…and as I spoke of the fight, the contention came out that things were not as they appeared.

Going into the fight, Lesnar seemed like the caged tiger, ready to pounce. When the bell rang, he fought from the outside and got picked apart. His well-documented medical problems that led to surgery six months before fight night may have had something to do with the quick night. He wasn’t ready and he knew he wasn’t. Lesnar knew he didn’t have what it took that night, but the dollar signs were in place and there was a new deal looming that was much safer.

It was Brock’s last UFC fight no matter what my friends. The WWE was calling and he answered the phone. Vince McMahon wants him back and now he has him and the money train will roll again. With his MMA credentials, expect Brock to be bigger than ever in the world of fake fighting.

No matter what, Alistair Overeem is one of the biggest stars in the game and would have toasted a prime and ready Lesnar in just about the same amount of time. Brock has been and always will be a novelty that was carefully matched in the UFC. They made a lot of money and that was the point. He was never a top dog…no matter what gold he had around his waist.

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