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By Vinnie Franklin

Well, well, well, they paid the guy. Alistair Overeem, 36-11, was paid in full for his one round destruction of Brock Lesnar last Friday night. There was talk of a hold on his purse of $240,000, the result of a judgment obtained by Golden Glory, his old team, but they’ll have to wait. The guy got $385, 714 smackers, which doesn’t seem like a whole lot for a main event guy on a card so big. Hey Floyd Mayweather, JR…if you’re not too busy dropping the soap…you want 100 million and these guys are in there for less than a million? And you wonder why the MMA is taking boxing out!

The judgment against Overeem by his old team claimed that he had failed to pay management and training fees. You can’t do that tough guy. You wanna play, you gotta play Alistair.

Golden Glory requested a check for over 240 thousand big ones from the UFC, but they didn’t get a dime. Dana White basically told them to bend over and take it. Way to go Dana!

Dana doesn’t care if these guys get paid. He’s got a new star. Overeem is going to smash Junior dos Santos quickly, take the belt, and buy White a new jet. Golden Glory, you got the golden shower big boys. How’s it taste?

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