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Jeff Hardy Vs Bobby Roode – TNA RESULTS

By Cupake Killer

When you walk down the path to hell and the walls crumble down behind you, blocking the path of sanity until you have to hold the hands with the devil to find a return, you will know how Jeff Hardy feels. Tonight, he faces Bobby Roode in a bout for the TNA World Title andit has been a long road for the Hardy Boy as he went into Satan’s den and fell off the wagon, giving into the weakness and madness of drug addiction. He is clean now and is bigger than ever as he heads into this shot.

Roode is a young and talented grappler that found the heel role more of a fit and now is away from Beer Money to take over the world of wrestling, and he doesn’t care if the fans love him or hate him. Hardy has only been hanging and banging in that ring for a couple months now and he recently sent Jeff Jarrett into retirement as icing on this cake that we will feast on tonight.

Stay tuned for a bout of epic proportions and a classic in the making.

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