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Kevin Nash Vs Ultimate Warrior: A Real Fight? Who’s Better? A WWE/TNA/WCW Comparison

By Masked Hernandez

In one corner, we have the 7 foot giant, Kevin Nash, facing off against the Ultimate Warrior, in what Nash hoped to be a real MMA showdown after the two exchanged insults brother. This Twitter stuff is going crazy man. I thought that tweeting was strictly for the birds brother, but now we have these two grapplers going at it as they sit behind the keyboard.

Nash issued the challenge and the Warrior declined, basically saying that he just wanted to insult the big man and not fight him. Now the new debate has begun…Who, according to history, is the better man? It’s a relatively easy pick, brother.

The Ultimate Warrior has held the WWE World Title and IC Title. He defeated the Honky Tonk Man, the longest running IC Champ in about 30 seconds, and then went on a successful run until losing it to Rick Rude. Warrior would regain the title and then go head to head with Hulk Hogan in a unification bout. The Warrior would walk out the World and IC Champion that night. The future looked bright, but his popularity dwindled brother. After a loss to Sgt. Slaughter and feuds with Vince McMahon, the Warrior disappeared…showing up in WWE a couple times and then in WCW, but never really accomplishing much. His achievement was that big win over Hogan at Wrestlemania…but he still has a following due to his energy and his two big streak-ending wins over Honky Tonk Man and Hogan.

Kevin Nash has been many things: Diesel, Oz, and Vinnie Vegas, but he never really caught on until he became the body guard of Shawn Michaels in the WWE. They became the “Dudes with Attitude” brother. Nash would win the Tag Team Titles, and World Title in the WWE. He would leave and then become one of the three that changed the sport as a founder of the NWO in WCW. In WCW, he would rule, winning the world title, ending the streak of Goldberg, but is also credited with running it out of business as the booker. Nash returned to the WWE but his proneness to injury and his buddy Triple H’s grasp on the federation made him a name, not a force in the federation man.

For a muscular guy, Warrior opts to do the splash, a move reserved for the heavyset wrestlers like the late and great Big Apple. RIP Apple. Nash uses a big man move in the “Jackknife,” which is a power bomb. Both men do not run a lot of plays and most consider the two heavily overrated brother…but if they were to meet in the ring … a wrestling ring, knowing what we know, who would win? I’ll break it down.

Warrior would have issues with Nash’s height and he would not be able to defeat him with the splash. I can’t see that happening man. So Warrior would have to use clotheslines to weaken him and hit him with several splashes to get the 1-2-3. Nash, on the other hand, has to use his slow, methodical style to beat down Warrior, leading to a jackknife finish. With the ability of Warrior to rebound, he may want to add another for good measure. In the end, Nash would be the heavy favorite due to his longevity and size. Nash to win by the 1-2-3 count in a match where he takes some punishment but, in the end, his size comes into play and leads to a win.

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