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Kimbo Slice: BOXING SHOCKER – OPPONENT NAMED – Backyard YouTube Sensation Returns

By Geno McGahee

The YouTube backyard fighting sensation turned MMA fighter and now boxer, Kimbo Slice, 3-0, 2 KO’s, suffered an elbow injury, pushing his next boxing match to March 24th, but the opponent was an unknown until now.

Mixed Martial Artist Michael Glenn has an MMA record of 6-5 and has no listing of any boxing experience. He is an MMA guy stepping into the boxing ring, which makes him an underdog against any true boxer. Luckily for him, Slice is not a boxer, but he does come in with some advantages.

Slice has had 3 bouts and in his last fight, he went the full four rounds and has obliterated his first two foes in the first round. That boxing experience will make him more comfortable in the ring.

Another advantage is that Glenn is about 200 pounds on average. Slice is 235 to 245 in weight. He will be the stronger man and, as always, he will try to impose his power and strength on his outweighed opponent.

Although Glenn has vowed to win, he wouldn’t be in there against Slice if he wasn’t carefully selected and considered a non-threat. With no boxing experience, it’s not surprising that he got this shot.

Slice returns to the ring on the 24th of March. We’ll have to see what Glenn has to offer.

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