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Hulk Hogan: GAY & WOMAN BEATER – Brutus Beefcake’s SHOCKING Comments

By Masked Hernandez

Brutus “The Booty Man” Beefcake. Need I say more brother? You wanna know where the gay rumors come from, you can start with a nickname like “The Booty Man.” Stay away from my booty brother.

In a recent interview with Imetawrestler.com, Beefcake tried to clear the air with his boy (not boyfriend), Hulk Hogan. When it comes to Hogan beating Linda, Beefcake stated: “There’s never been a phone call to the police, never been a report of a bruise or anything.”

Then he was asked about the gay sex. So “Booty Man,” tell us about the gay sex: “(To) say that he was a homo with his best friend Brutus, who he grew up with, is ridiculous.”

Now, let me tell you something brother. If you are gay or not, the term “homo” is wrong man. Say “homosexual” next time “Booty Man” and stay away from my booty man.

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