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Carlos Condit UPSETS Nick Diaz – GSP NEWS – UFC 143 SHOCKER

By Vinnie Franklin

Being right 97% of the time with my predictions is a great thing, but there is always that 3% that comes back and bites me and it happened last night at UFC 143. Nick Diaz faced off with Carlos Condit for the UFC interim welterweight title. The winner will face the injured Georges St. Pierre when he heals up.

Condit was outstanding. This guy just fought the right fight and he endured some big shots early from the stalking Diaz, but he kept his cool and found his range. He landed a nice left hand and began a series of body shots that were doing noticeable damage to Diaz. Good job kid.

The fight was all Condit. A last ditch effort by Diaz wasn’t enough to overcome the big lead by his opponent. This is too bad for the MMA fans. Although Condit is a great fight, most wanted to see GSP take on Diaz because of all that bad blood. That will now have to wait or not happen at all as Condit steps forward to take that challenge.

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