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By Masked Hernandez

Piracy is no joke brother and this illegal streaming is being taken seriously man. The prosecutors have seized 322 websites that streamed PPV events, which included WWE and TNA shows.

Football, hockey, WWE, TNA, and more were all being pirated by sites like: firstrow.tv, firstrowsports.com, firstrowsports.net, firstrowsports.tv, hq-streams.tv, robplay.tv, soccertvlive.net, sports95.com, sports95.net, sports95.org, sportswwe.net, sportswwe.tv, sportswwe.com, xonesports.tv, youwwe.com and youwwe.net.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Yonjo Quiroa, 28 years old, was picked up and charged with one count of criminal infringement of a copyright. Quiroa ran all of his sites from his home in Comstock Park, Michigan, and has reportedly received 13 grand in advertisements brother.

The ability to watch pirated PPV shows will soon be going away man as the prosecutors throw the hammer down. Vince McMahon has stated before that he wasn’t pleased with the theft of his PPV broadcasts and now he can rest easy dude. With the government locking up those involved with piracy, you can expect people to be less eager to do so.

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