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Rocky Balboa Revisited: Jose Felix Keeps the Boxing Dream Alive

Exclusive Interview by Marc Anthony

“I have a terrible record but I fought some gorillas the past six years….some class act fighters. Not taking anything away from me, but if I was under the right people and the right management team, no telling what I could be right now.” — Jose Felix

Jose Felix, 11-11-2, 4 KO’s, on December 17, 2011 defeated Tony “Mo Better” Jeter, 12-3, 9 KO’s, by way of fifth round TKO, which many considered an upset win. Jose is a veteran of the game and has faced tough competition like the likes of Pawel Wolak. He is set to face Tony again in a rematch bout as the Club One Fitness and Jeter Promotions main event on February 25th at Club One Fitness located at 1131 Benfield Blvd St. M-Q Millersville, Maryland. For tickets and more information on the card you can call 410-729-3900.

MA: In your Rematch with Tony, has your training been any different?

Yeah, it actually has. I am actually training. I didn’t get a lot of training. I kind of took the fight on a short notice…the last fight. So, it was in-between with the fight being off or on. This time I am in the gym every day and I am in top shape. It’s going be a different me.

MA: Even more dangerous?

Yes sir.

MA: Do you credit Tony for wanting to get right back at you?

I have been in the boxing game a long time and, sure, I give him credit for it. This is a dangerous sport and you can actually get hurt. I am with the warrior mentality and I would want the same thing.

MA: What made you decide to choose boxing?

I grew up in New Mexico in a rough neighborhood and kind of got involved with gangs at an early age. I saw boxing when I was 11 with Danny Romero and Johnny Tapia. That got me off the drugs and gangs.

MA: From what I understand you help out kids?

Yeah, I am actually a boxing trainer over here at the gym, at the complex, with Savanna. I actually work with kids. I go to churches for the youth programs. I speak with kids about drugs and gangs and about boxing, how far I have come in life and how boxing has escalated my lifestyle to get away from that lifestyle.

MA: What’s the most common question the kids ask you?

What’s my record? (Laughing) Basically that and they always want to know if you are a champion. What title do you hold and stuff like that?

MA: Full time work, giving back to the community and boxing professionally, do you love that lifestyle?

I do. I am getting older man, so I don’t care for it too much now. But, yeah, I do enjoy it. I enjoy people getting out and talking with people. I enjoy training around people and I enjoy helping people get better at whatever they are trying to do in boxing or life in general.

MA: When you fought at Madison Square Garden can you talk about what the atmosphere was like?

I fought undefeated James Moore, the Irish kid. It was St. Patrick’s weekend to a sold out crowd. It was hysterical. I remember walking up to the ring and having beer thrown at me…you name it. I sucked it all in and I recollected all the past fighters that fought there. So, it was a very humbling experience for me. I enjoyed every minute of it.

MA: Any favorite movie you like to watch to motivate you or just to chill with?

Rocky, it’s got to be Rocky.

MA: Dream Car?

A dream car…maybe a 69 Impala. I am old school (laughter).

MA: What keeps the dream of boxing going?

My family, my wife and my kids are my inspiration and, of course, God. Right now I have been through a rough ten years with managers, gyms and stuff like that. This past year and half, I have been around excellent people, I have a new management team a new gym I train out of. First my family and all the positive things in my life, that keep me going and want to train harder to be the best…and to improve my record. I have a terrible record but I fought some gorillas the past six years….some class act fighters. Not taking anything away from me, but if I was under the right people and the right management team, no telling what I could be right now.

MA: What is your most memorable fight?

My most memorable fight probably, it ended in the third round but it was against Pawel Wolak in Long Island, New York. It was a friendly atmosphere. Pawel is a beast but the best thing about it was after the fight I have never had a fighter come greet me at my locker room and give me a hug and kissed me on the forehead. He said “great fight, great fighter, keep doing what you are doing.” That was pretty cool.

Jose Felix
Division: Middleweight
Professional Record: 11-11-2, 4 KO’s

2011-12-17 Tony Jeter 12-2-1 Arlington, US W TKO 5
2011-11-03 Bobby Bryant 11-0-0 Rayne, US L UD 6
2011-09-10 Lawrence Jones 3-5-2 Fairfax, US L UD 6

2010-07-23 Xavier Toliver 21-6-0 Atlanta, US L TKO 2
2010-01-23 Omar Bell 6-1-0 Atlanta, US L KO 2

2007-06-29 Paul Delgado 18-7-1 Atlanta, US L TKO 3
2007-03-08 Favio Medina 12-1-2 Worley, US L KO 4

2006-10-19 Pawel Wolak 10-0-0 Franklin Square, US L TKO 2
2006-07-28 Troy Wilson 5-3-1 Savannah, US L TKO 3
2006-03-16 James Moore 4-0-0 New York, US L TKO 3

2005-10-28 Phillip Hammac 4-14-0 Savannah, US W UD 6
2005-09-24 Brad Hill 0-3-1 Savannah, US W KO 1
2005-09-02 John Trigg 13-29-5 Savannah, US W UD 6
2005-06-25 Phillip Hammac 4-12-0 Savannah, US W UD 6
2005-02-26 Maximino Cuevas 2-1-1 Savannah, US L KO 1
2005-02-04 Phillip Hammac 4-10-0 Jacksonville, US W UD 4

2004-10-30 Phillip Hammac 4-9-0 Savannah, US W UD 6
2004-08-28 Moises Martinez 6-10-0 Savannah, US W TKO 6
2004-05-29 Leon Betancourt 0-0-0 Savannah, US W TKO 2
2004-04-24 James Day 6-6-0 Savannah, US W PTS 4

2003-10-25 Billy Gates 9-5-0 Savannah, US W UD 4
2003-08-30 Edwin Sanchez 0-0-1 Savannah, US NC NC 2
2003-07-26 Edwin Sanchez 0-0-0 Savannah, US D PTS 4
2003-06-28 Thomas Eads 2-1-0 Savannah, US D PTS 4
2003-05-31 Francisco Figueroa 1-0-0 Savannah, US L TKO 1

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