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Horror Movie News: SCARY TALES Releases New Trailer – Zombies, Werewolves, Satan & More

Geno McGahee’s SCARY TALES is an anthology, featuring five tales, each with shocks and surprises. In the vein of CREEPSHOW and TALES FROM THE CRYPT, SCARY TALES features distinct tales with great performances by the many talented actors and actresses involved. New additions to the X Posse Crew included a new musician (Greg Kozlowski) doing the score and a CGI expert (Chris Dias) adding a new element to the production and bringing some of the monstrosities to life in a way that will please the audience. SCARY TALES also features the music of Shadowside and The Putrid Flowers. With axe murderers, zombies, cannibals, demons, werewolves, and the devil himself, SCARY TALES brings a little bit of everything, with an estimated release date of mid 2012.

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