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Jon Jones Vs Rashad Evans: LET THE HYPE BEGIN – UFC 145 NEWS

By Vinnie Franklin

I have to tell you that this light heavyweight showdown between the UFC champ, Jon Jones and former champ, Rashad Evans is getting me excited. These guys are going to come to fight.

To help push this fight…not that it needs the hype, we have FX stepping in and putting out a three part series called “UFC Primetime,” where they will dissect the main event at UFC 145.

April 21st is the date of the war and Jones looks unstoppable man. The guy just keeps getting better, but with Evans, he has a great striker and somebody that knows him quite well. You put that together and it may equal an upset win.

Last December we saw Jones destroying Lyoto Machida. I mean, the guy packed his bags, handed him the car keys, opened the cage door and booted him in the ass. So long Machida!

I’ve known Jones for years and I know his training regimen. He is a monster and is nearly impossible to beat, but Evans, despite his last lackluster win, is a live underdog with the hopes to upset the man and shake up the UFC. UFC 145 is going to blast off the doors of the houses, shake the ground with a tremor of epic proportions and when the dust settles only one man will remain. Let the best man win!

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