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RSR Message Board Update

By Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

Spring has sprung and boxing has kicked into a higher gear. Last week we saw a myriad of highly anticipated contests unfold, and in the aftermath fans now have far more to chirp about given some of the drama and controversy that ensued. Like any good Flash Gordon or Lone Ranger serial from back in the day, Showtime’s Super middleweight Super Six Tournament is not without its share of surprises. Proof positive of that statement can be found in our General Boxing forum; “Andre Dirrell WDQ11 Arthur Abraham – Your Take on the Outcome” by yours truly. Like those Saturday afternoon serials of old, the latest episode of the SSS tourney featured the sort of outcome that effectively serves to polarize those watching it, making the next installment more than just the next scheduled bout on the roster, rather it’s must see entertainment. “Maidana-Cayo” by Goldenstatefan shines the spotlight on a key bout that featured two very colorful prospects, one of which who now figures prominently in any discussion regarding the immediate direction of the light welterweight division. Closing out matters, OKMike’s “Margarito to Fight in Mexico” goes beyond raising the question of whether the smiling cheater deserves to continue fighting for pay, rather focusing on the scheduled return of the former WBA welterweight champion and the many lucrative big fight options he’ll have should the likely victory become the reality.

The RSR April Prediction League is now posted. Historically we’ve put out the best and deepest prediction league that can be found anywhere on the web. It’s so much more than just getting the outcome right, it’s about understanding the subtle nuances of the fight game, how timing, politics, strengths and weaknesses mesh with Lady Luck – and how it can all come together in the face of mass decent – or come crashing down despite every conceivable shred of logic and evidence supporting it. For April, thirty top-flight contests round out what I believe to be a terrific inaugural roster to go with our updated look. I will be locking the thread on Friday April 2nd at 7pm EST. Take part if you dare. Act now using the link to submit your request.

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