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Hulk Hogan SEX TAPE SHOCKER – Brutus Beekcake Turned into Pound Cake? – TNA/WWE SHOCKER

By Masked Hernandez

Whatcha gonna do brother, when the largest…arms…go crazy on you Beefcake? Well, you heard all the sex rumors of Hulk Hogan from his wife, Linda, brother. He was banging “The Barber” on the side, according to her statements and man, that sex stuff is rampant in pro wrestling. You get in the ring and roll around with another man long enough, you’ll be looking for the nearest hotel room man. I can’t tell you how many guys became Andre the Giant’s hand puppets brother.

Now, Hulk Hogan’s sex tape has been leaked and the initial rumors were wrong. Beefcake was not wearing a ball gag man and was not getting it from the Hulkster as first reports indicated. Man, where do they get this stuff? Hogan is letting Hulkamania run wild on some woman that is not his wife. Hey Hulkster, NEVER let that camera roll when you’re doing your thing. It always bites you in the ass.

Expect more details in the near future brother. Hulk Hogan’s ding dong song will be heard on the radio man.

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