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AMERICAN IDOL Winner – Phil Phillips Vs Jessica Sanchez – Franklin’s Pick

By Vinnie Franklin

Hey there people. You know that I have a 97% correct prediction rate for mixed martial arts. I’ve made plenty of gamblers wealthy. Well, I get this email from a reader and wanted to know just what American Idol contestant they should put their money on. So, this will be the first Franklin’s pick concerning a reality TV show, but here we go.

Jessica Sanchez is good. The girl can sing and she has more talent then she knows what to do with. The problem is that her personality has been checked at the door. She has made it to this point because of her ability to sing but she has little charisma.

Phil Phillips has charisma and is unique. The guy can sing too. The difference here will be the charisma. He may not have the pipes of Sanchez, but the guy has the hearts of those young girls that tune in and make up a vast majority of the viewership.

Expect a close one, but Phillips takes it.

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