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Tony Jeter: Jimmy Lange on the Radar Still – Boxing News

Exclusive Interview by Marc Anthony

“It was beyond satisfying because my boxing career was held on by a string. If I would have lost that fight the string would have been cut. I had to win.” — Tony Jeter

Tony “Mo Better” Jeter, 13-3, 9 KO’s, was scheduled to fight Jimmy Lange but Jimmy suffered a training injury that has nixed the event. The fight may still happen since it’s between two popular fighters in that area at a later date but, for now, Tony chats with RSR on his last win and what it meant for him and his upcoming plans.

Tony is set to fight on June 23rd at USMC Base, Arlington, Virginia… We will keep RSR readers up to date on this upcoming Boxing Card.

MA: Your last fight was a revenge match up against Jose Felix. How satisfying was that win?

It was beyond satisfying because my boxing career was held on by a string. If I would have lost that fight, the string would have been cut. I had to win. I was happy that he was as prepared as he could have been…he had plenty of time. I was getting the best Jose Felix that could have been. I was prepared. I knew I was going to win. It wasn’t something where maybe I was going win…I knew I was going to win. That’s how prepared and motivated I was.

MA: Some of your sparring partners that helped you prepare at Club One?

I sparred with George Armenta and Sherman Artis. We have so many people that train at the gym that it’s like a who’s who of the northern east coast area. The roster starting with Paul Williams…he has been here for over a year now. Then Brandon Quarles, Dushane Crooks, Phillip Jackson, Sherman Artis, Nick Kisner: the list goes on and on and on.

MA: Would you say it’s a like a shark tank at Club One?

It’s beyond a shark tank and it’s throughout the day, not just one time. You can go anytime of the day and Seth Mitchell stops by, Dominic Wade been in there…it’s a who’s who of this area of fighters that come through the doors. It’s a good thing and its very helpful preparing for a bout.

MA: How do you feel about the fight being cancelled against Jimmy Lange?

Disappointed is an understatement. I was so motivated to have this fight and go out there and compete and win. I know boxing! I have been in boxing a long time and have been on both sides…. I know things like this happen. Johnny Lange called me and it’s a guarantee going forward so I am going hold him to it.

It’s a fight that this area needs. It’s a good showdown. It will be a real fight. I am not some blown up lightweight. I am a full-fledged middleweight. Am I the greatest fighter? No… but I think we match up well and it will be a fight that the people who paid money will get their money’s worth.

MA: I wanted to see this one live, so I can’t wait when it does go down.

I know a lot of people are disappointed. I know a lot of people locally are disappointed. Taking nothing away from Jimmy Lange, like I told you every single time we have talked. I respect that guy. That being said, I was coming to kick the shit out of him. I respect him to the fullest. I like him, I like his style. I like everything about him but in this situation I can’t go into a fight thinking I am not going to win: full optimistic about my chances and know that I put all the work in.

I would have been ready for Jimmy Lange. They’re saying when he gets better we are going do it and Jimmy wants to do it. So, that’s cool. Jimmy is a standup guy and he wants to give the fans a good fight and I want to give the fans a good fight. Now we just have to wait for him to get better.

MA: In the meantime, any fights?

I am still going to fight on the same day at the USMC Base, Arlington, Virginia, that’s where I had lost to Jose Felix, the place is phenomenal and I had a great time up until the “L”. So I am making a return there on June 23rd on a Richard Ashby card. I think Todd Wilson is going be on it, Brandon Quarles and myself. It’s going be a good card.

Tony Jeter
Division: Middleweight
Nickname: Mo Better
Professional Record: 13-3-1, 9 KO’s

2012-02-25 Jose Felix 11-11-2 Millersville, US W UD 8
2011-12-17 Jose Felix 10-11-2 Arlington, US L TKO 5
2011-11-19 Ken Dunham 6-12-1 Upper Marlboro, US W UD 4
2011-03-12 Mike McFail 12-41-2 Fairfax, US W UD 6
2010-11-10 Adrian Redmond 4-7-1 Washington, US W KO 2
2010-07-10 Lawrence Jones 3-2-1 Fairfax, US D TD 1
2010-04-02 Vincent Robbins 3-8-2 Washington, US W KO 2
2009-09-26 Keith Gross 3-1-0 Fairfax, US W KO 1
2008-11-14 Darrett Crockett 6-20-0 Millersville, US W TKO 2
2008-09-19 Chris Cook 3-14-1 Millersville, US W UD 4
2008-04-18 Pete Guthy 1-3-2 Pikesville, US W TKO 1
2005-12-02 James Shedrick 3-4-0 Millersville, US L KO 4
2005-10-07 Lawrence Frisby 3-8-0 Millersville, US W TKO 2
2001-10-05 Kwame Bumpus 1-0-1 Philadelphia, US L UD 4
2001-06-29 Richard McCombs 1-0-0 Washington, US W TKO 1
2001-03-30 Curtis Wilkens 1-5-0 Dover, US NC NC 2
2001-02-07 Donald Beynum 0-1-0 Washington, US W KO 3
2001-01-25 Ervin Fuller 1-1-0 Glen Burnie, US W TKO 1

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