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By Masked Hernandez

Whatcha gonna do brother when Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake go into a bathroom together and run wild on each other? Hulk Hogan has brought his daughter, Brooke into the world of wrestling…because what else is she going to do? It’s either wrestling or one of those skin movies.

The women of TNA are not happy with the addition, noting Brooke’s ego. It’s as big as her dad’s pythons. She is already rubbing everyone the wrong way man and the Hulkster does not care. In fact, some comments were made by one of the TNA knockouts, referring to Brooke as a “slut bag, no talent, piece of @#$@#,” and that sent Hogan into a Hulkamania mode. The knockout is now on thin ice.

Brooke Hogan will have a safe home at TNA…unlike Scott Steiner that got the boot and wants to meet Hogan in a real match. Hogan is smart to stay far away from that animal.

Expect the backstage drama to continue unless Brooke gets her ego in check man. That entire Hogan family is really full of themselves. Expect some TNA stars to lose their loyalty to the company and go over to the WWE out of discomfort, working with the egomaniacs.

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