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Delvin Rodriguez: Ready for a Boxing War with Austin Trout

Exclusive Interview by Marc Anthony

“This is something I have been working on my all my life…to get this opportunity.” — Delvin Rodriguez

Delvin Rodriquez, 26-5-3, 14 KO’s, was voted: Fight of the Year for 2011, for his battle with Pawel Wolak. Capitalizing on his newfound popularity and with his hard work ethic, he is set to face an undefeated fighter in Austin “No Doubt” Trout in a World Championship Bout for the WBA Light Middleweight belt. The fight has fans split evenly on who will win, which is a great indication on how competitive this fight will be. Both want the “W” to keep advancing in their careers. Rest assured, this fight is a must see for all fight fans.

“Four Warned” is a stacked card featuring former Light Heavyweight World Champion Antonio “Magic Man” Tarver, 29-6, 20 KO’s vs. unbeaten Lateef Kayode, 18-0, 14 KO’s. Winky Wright, 51-5-1, 25 KO’s vs. Peter Quillin, 26-0, 20 KO’s. Austin Trout, 24-0, 14 KO’s vs. Delvin Rodriguez, 26-5-3, 14 KO’s, Vusi Malinga, 20-3, 12 KO’s vs. Leo Santa Cruz, 19-0-1, 11 KO’s. You can see this fight live at The Home Depot Center in Carson, California or watch on Showtime.

All four bouts will be telecast on Saturday, live on SHOWTIME® (9:00 p.m. ET/PT

Delvin Rodriguez sits with RSR and talks about his upcoming must win Championship Bout.

MA: Training at high altitude Adirondacks, have you had a chance to enjoy the Mountain View?

Oh man, it’s beautiful up here. My coach told me that he thinks I am going crazy because I don’t want to get out of here. I just love it up here. It’s very comfortable and laid back. It’s very relaxing. It’s a great place to focus and concentrate. I got to say I love this here.

MA: If the opportunity is there will you go back and train at Adirondacks?

Oh definitely. My friend, Zeke, the owner of the camp, great guy…he let us use his camp and this is great up here. I would love to come back here for all my fights.

MA: Would you say sparring with Sechew Powell, who has an upcoming fight the day before yours, has been a tremendous benefit?

It was a great set up. I think it’s great because he has a very important fight himself. I know he is working very hard. He gave me great work. He needed the work as much as I needed it so we both helped each other out.

MA: Do you feel since it’s a championship fight against Austin Trout, you both will bring out the best out of each other?

Oh no doubt on that. Believe it. We were talking about that. I think he knows he is facing his hardest opponent ever in his career so far. And this is something I have been working on my all my life to get this opportunity. We both have to leave it all in the ring.

MA: Winning the title would mean what to you?

Everything man. Everything, that’s what every fighter works for. You have to get that title to be in the front seat. It’s what I have been waiting for all my life. I have been in so many ups and downs in my career and I get this opportunity to fight for this world title. I know winning the world title is everything. It will open many opportunities for me…for bigger fights and bigger things.

MA: Being an analyst for ESPN Viernes de Combates (Friday Night Fights), has that helped you improve as a fighter?

Yeah, because you stay more on top of the game, you sit down and analyze different styles. You look at the styles and you see and you come to the point where you learn basically what’s going to happen. What happens when you confront different styles and what you should do? You concentrate more and study on what you should do to beat a style. So yeah, I have to say it has.

MA: Off the wall question. Do you believe the “chupacabra” exists?

(Laughter) Not at all man, it’s just given by somebody who came up with that.

Delvin Rodriguez
Division: Light Middleweight
Professional Record: 26-5-3, 14 KO’s
2011-12-03 Pawel Wolak 29-1-1 New York, US W UD 10
vacant International Boxing Association Intercontinental Light Middleweight Title
2011-07-15 Pawel Wolak 29-1-0 New York, US D MD 10
2010-07-30 Ashley Theophane 26-4-1 Miami, US L MD 10
2010-04-02 Mike Arnaoutis 22-4-2 Uncasville, US W UD 12
USBA Welterweight Title
2009-11-27 Rafal Jackiewicz 34-8-1 Elk, PL L UD 12
2009-08-01 Isaac Hlatshwayo 28-1-1 Uncasville, US L SD 12
vacant IBF Welterweight Title
2009-03-06 Shamone Alvarez 20-1-0 Uncasville, US W UD 12
USBA Welterweight Title
2008-11-17 Isaac Hlatshwayo 28-1-0 Kempton Park, ZA D PTS 12
2008-07-16 Oscar Diaz 26-2-0 San Antonio, US W KO 11
USBA Welterweight Title
2008-02-15 Troy Browning 20-0-1 Uncasville, US W UD 10
2007-08-24 Keenan Collins 12-2-1 Bronx, US W TKO 2
2007-03-23 Jesse Feliciano 14-5-3 Mashantucket, US L TKO 8
USBA Welterweight Title
2006-11-25 Frans Hantindi 11-10-2 Sherbrooke, CA W TKO 1
2006-05-26 Luis Hernandez 21-2-0 El Paso, US W TKO 3
USBA Welterweight Title
2006-02-17 Alexis Divison 16-2-0 Memphis, US W DQ 4
2005-11-23 Virgil McClendon 22-5-0 White Plains, US W TKO 6
2005-08-05 Luther Smith 22-3-2 Mashantucket, US W KO 1
2005-06-07 Christopher Henry 19-10-0 El Cajon, US W TKO 2
2005-03-18 Marteze Logan 18-12-2 Mashantucket, US W UD 8
2005-02-04 Mikel Williams 2-5-4 White Plains, US W TKO 1
2004-08-24 Allen Conyers 8-0-0 Poughkeepsie, US W UD 6
2003-10-27 Franklin Sanchez 1-1-0 Constanza, DO W TKO 3
2002-02-02 Andre Eason 7-1-0 Atlantic City, US L SD 8
2001-10-20 Pedro Garcia 30-32-0 Las Vegas, US W UD 6
2001-07-21 Richard Hall 5-5-1 Las Vegas, US W UD 4
2000-09-02 Andre Baker 3-4-0 Bayboro, US W KO 1
2000-07-21 Booker Mullins 1-2-0 Greensboro, US W KO 1
1999-11-20 Bobby Dixon 1-0-0 Atlantic City, US W TKO 3
1999-09-10 Andre Baker 1-0-0 Ocala, US W UD 4
1999-08-07 Gary Warren 0-2-0 Greenville, US W TKO 1
1999-07-10 Rolando Valcarcel 1-5-1 Homestead, US D TD 1
1999-06-19 Michael Melvin 2-0-1 New York, US W SD 4
1999-04-16 Jonet Hernandez 1-0-0 Tunica, US W TKO 2
1999-01-30 Hamilton Verano 0-0-1 Atlantic City, US W UD 4

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