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Dana White talks exclusively to HDNet’s Inside MMA about issues facing UFC (watch the extended interview now)

Inside MMA has released the full interview between Dana White and HDNet’s Ron Kruck.

In this far-reaching interview, White covers PEDs, Nick Diaz, Jon Jones and the future of UFC and Strikeforce.

On PEDs:
“Once you start using PEDs, it basically destroys you. You have to be on them forever. This is what we’re trying to eliminate in this sport.”

On PED usage:
“I don’t think it’s as big of an issue as everybody’s making it out to be.”

On Nick Diaz:
“I want Nick Diaz to compete. I want Nick Diaz to fight in the UFC. But there are rules. And you have to follow the rules. You cannot smoke marijuana. I don’t care how many lawyers you get.”

On Fighters becoming Judges:
“It’s absolutely, positively what needs to happen.”

On UFC’s future in Brazil:
“As big as this sport is now, we’ve only been around for 11 years. This thing is brand-spankin’ new. There’s still a lot of work to be done. We have big plans.”

On Jon Jones:
“He’s a good kid. He made a stupid mistake. The thing about social drinking. Everybody’s done it. Everybody was at that age where they jumped in the car, drove home and the next day they said I can’t believe that I drove home last night. It’s a serious situation that happens here in the United States. I know for a fact Jon has learned from this and hopefully he can educate other people.”

On Stikeforce’s future:
“Strikeforce is not going anywhere. And Gilbert Melendez is not going anywhere. He will fight again on Showtime.”

Watch the full interview with Dana White here:

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