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Canelo Alvarez, Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather JR, David Haye and THE ODD: DEBUT of a New Email Bag

Hosted by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

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LL Cool JJ said “Mama said knock you out!” Well, I am here today on RSR with a new email bag after the constant prodding of RSR’s Managing Editor Geno McGahee who said, “Berk, to close the deal (inside joke) you must do an email bag! So with that said, I am here to knock you out with some opinions, humor and some crazy a@@ emails on top of boxing related ones I get on a daily basis… Feel free to send in any and all questions no matter what you want to ask. No email will get turned away….

Manny Pacquiao Vs Aaron Pryor


Read your look back today on Aaron Pryor and Dujuan Johnson and really enjoyed it. I never saw the fight, but just watched most of it on You Tube. To say it was a barn burner, is an understatement. Do you really think Aaron would have enough to keep Pacman off him – take the win?

Terry Wilkerson, Severn, MD

Hi Terry,

Glad you enjoyed the look back and appreciate the kind words that you enjoyed it. Aaron Pryor was a very special fighter in his day. At junior welterweight, in my opinion, he ranks number one of all time. Not only do I think he had the skills, power and stamina to beat Manny, he would end it in no more than 4 rounds. In fact, I would be willing to wager that if you asked Manny who would win, he would also say Aaron.

One Bonk or Two?

Hey badddesssst Brad….. Martin Imposter here. Have you ever been bonked over the head with a large black magic wand and then, had your feet rubbed? I own a new business called Bonk them and Then Rub Them, INC. I would love to do both to you and then, you can endorse my company. Ja Ja He He

Martin Imposter, Phoenix, AZ


Wow you are still around with your black magic wand trying to bonk someone and then rub their feet. If I recall, your last insane email was to Geno about getting some free copies of Family Secret so you could put the copies with your free diecast cars and model airplanes you hustle companies for. In fact, Geno told you to take your cars, black magic wand and bleep it up your bleep bleep bleep. I second his sentiments…..

Insanity at its best!


For Christ sakes, I use to finish your sentences. It was your boxing interviews that got me in the business and has allowed me to suck off most of the LEGENDARY boxers thus leading me to become a famous, though very fat, boxing writer. Both you and Geno turned me down to write for you guys and yes, I know I have said insane things about you two a@@clowns, I mean fine decent fellows. I have found the LORD and a new brand of HOSTESS TWINKIES bringing me to see the error of my ways. Can you find it in your heart of heart, (hold on, I am eating one of those yummy TWINKIES now) to forgive a LEGENDARY Boxing writer who is world renowned like I am?

Buffet Bobby C., Brandon, MS


Wow, you really sound like a dimwit Geno and I used to know. He would send the craziest emails and pretended he was someone else. Instead of asking my forgiveness, you need to head to the nearest Jenny Craig in that hick town of yours…. No further advice needed!

“Bad” Brad,

With David Haye punking out against Wlad Klitschko, do you think he has any chance against Chisora this Saturday?

Ira Goldstein


Geno McGahee wrote an article that is on RSR today with the breakdown of this fight. He did a very good job, and I’m leaning towards his pick of Chisora by KO. But….. I just think Haye is going to stop Chisora early with him starting a riot. However, I am rooting for Chisora to stop Haye because as you feel, I do as well that he punked out after talking a ton of crap before the Klitschko debacle.


I am so tired of hearing Floyd Mayweather JR crying about his jail stint and he needs to shut the Fu#$ up!

Tommy T. NYC in DA HOUSE

Simply put from the old show with Robert Blake called Baretta, “Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time.”

That’s all folks for this email bag, but look for lots more…….

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