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Legendary Adult Movie Star Seka Sits Down with RSR to Talk about Her Career and Love for the Sport of Boxing, Part II

Exclusive Interview by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt (Reposted for Archive Purposes)

“When Muhammad Ali beat Sonny Liston in 1964, it changed boxing in my opinion.”–Seka

In Part I of our exclusive interview, Seka talked in-depth about her career in the Adult Movie Industry and the industry as it stands today.  In Part II, she takes us back in time with her thoughts about the sport of boxing, a sport she has followed since her childhood.  From her thoughts on “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali, to her thoughts about a Retirement Fund, are all covered in this second part of this remarkable interview.

The comparison between boxing and the adult film industry has always been there.  Both have been secretly adored at times only to be considered immoral by the same people.  Both have been on the chopping block and blamed for certain misdeeds of the public, which is why this interview is important and why RSR is bringing you Seka.

Ladies and Gentlemen, RSR welcomes back the One and Only Seka…

BB:  When did you first start following boxing and what are your earliest recollections?

In the early to mid sixties, when Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay at the time) was just starting out and you would see the old black and white films.  He was a pretty man and when he beat Sonny Liston in 1964, it changed boxing in my opinion.

BB:  Do you get out to the fights often? If so, which ones have you seen lately and what were your thoughts on them?

I have been, but it was years ago when I lived in Chicago and went to the local fights there.  It was really fun watching and having two good looking guys with muscles and no shirts on, was pretty hot!  (Laughs) But later of course, I would go on to really watch the sport and appreciate the skills they had which is just amazing to me. Boxing is an amazing sport that when that bell rings, it’s only Fighter A vs. Fighter B and that is when you see just how great they are.

BB:  Who are some of your personal favorite fighters over the years and why?

Muhammad Ali, as I mentioned before. To watch him in his prime was to watch precision.  He was just an amazing athlete.  I respected the fact that when he took his stance in the late sixties…he did not just talk, but walked the walk. He gave it all up. You have to respect that. 

I also love Evander Holyfield.  I liked his style and felt he always fought with a strong determination in the ring.  Rocky Marciano was another one I feel the same way about. He was a brawler in there and they make for exciting fights. 

BB:  What boxing match more than any other, can you vividly remember in your mind till this day?

Muhammad Ali vs. Ken Norton I in March of 1973, when Kenny broke Ali’s jaw, winning by a split decision. That was a huge upset back then and I was shocked. 

BB:  What fighter in the last 25 years do you personally feel not only was big in boxing, but transcended the sport as well?

I would have to say George Foreman.  And yes, I have his grill!  (Laughs)  For him to come back like he did after a ten year layoff, then when he won the title in his mid forties, was just amazing. On his grill, I have to say, George really knows what to do with his meat.  (We both busted out laughing)

BB:  Do you think the sport has moved forward or back since you first started following it?

I don’t think it holds the same prestige of say when Muhammad Ali fought in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s or even a generation before Ali with Carmen Basilio who was an exciting fighter and you could almost bank that anytime he fought, his eyes were going to be swollen shut.  Fighters of yesteryear were like God’s and today, the champions are not that well known which is a shame. I think with all of these belts, that makes it hard for the common boxing fan, to say, so and so is a World Champion.

BB:  What is your favorite boxing movie and why?

I love the Rocky series and always have.  Just look at the cast and there you see the great ensemble of powerhouse actors and actresses.  Also, how can you hate a movie with a lot of hunky men in it? (Laughs) 

You know another great boxing movie was “The Great White Hope” that starred James Earl Jones.  I really enjoyed his acting as Jack Jefferson (based on the first ever Black Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson) and the story as well.

BB: Since you came from an industry that has been referred to as being brilliantly marketed throughout the years, do you think boxing needs better marketing? If so, how do you think it should be done?

I don’t know that is needs better marketing, but better management for the boxers is a must.  They need this because they are constantly getting ripped off. 

BB: If you had the power to change one thing in boxing today, what would that be?

I wish they never would have let Mike Tyson back into boxing ring after he bit a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear off. It was terrible for the sport and for the millions watching to see that.

BB:  Do you favor a mandatory retirement fund for all boxers and if so, how would you like to see it accomplished?

Yes, I do think they should have one.  As you know, I love Baseball and they have one.  To be honest though, I am not really qualified to say how it could be set up, but I do whole heartily wish they had one.

BB:  Finally, what is the saying you live your life by?

“Just be nice.”

Anything you like to add about to the the interview?

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to talk about boxing because I do love the sport and all sports for the most part. 

To find out more about Seka you can visit her website

There also is an email address there to reach her and she wanted all the RSR readers to know, that she personally answers all of her emails.

WARNING: This Site Contains Adult Material Of An Extreme Nature. If you are under 21 years of age or if it’s illegal to view adult material in your community, please don’t click the link. RSR can’t be held responsible for your actions if you choose to visit Seka’s website.  She also has an in-depth disclaimer on her site.

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