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RSR Message Board Update

By Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett
There’s a fine line between past present and future and perhaps no other sport demonstrates that concept better than boxing. “Andre Berto – The Future Star of the Welterweight Division” by yours truly is a discussion that looks back at last week’s big win over former champ Juan Quintana while asking if the young and undefeated WBC kingpin may be in the best position of all to capitalize on the aging wave of marquee names directly in or around his weight class. As is so often the case outside of the ring troubles threaten to snatch away one of the more talented and popular rising names in our sport, an ongoing problem that has plagued every decade since men began exchanging punches for pay. “Valero Screws up Royally” by OKMike reports on the sudden unfortunate turn of events that has the long arm of the law reaching out at the WBC lightweight champion, one of today’s most electrifying performers and a fighter with a myriad of lucrative big fight options looming. And if a discussion about drama is your game perhaps a visit to the thread “Ringondeaux Hurt, Out of Fight, Dumps Roach” would be a good place to brush-up on Prima Donna 101. OKMike has tapped into the ever-developing soap opera that was the promising career of junior featherweight Guillermo Rigondeaux, a two-time Cuban Olympic gold medalist that appeared to have both talent and the world at his feet.

Now in its third week the RSR April 2010 Prediction League is rolling along nicely. Having taken the lead after a brisk start by OKMike, AnthonySullivan looks poised to kick the ball into the net. Not far behind, several league veterans are well positioned to capitalize should there be any upsets over the remaining fifteen bouts on the roster relative to the latter’s bold predictions on the outcomes. Stay tuned. For those of you that are not currently a member of RSR and would like to take part in the various forums and fight polls, act now using the link to submit your request.

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