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President Barack Obama Remembered: Shocking Story from Hollywood Insider – Details Come OUT from 2004

By Danny Allen

Hello once again RSR readers from sunny Miami where it is 83 degrees today. With the Democratic National Convention now over, I thought back to my first meeting with our 44th President of the United States Barack Obama. It was shortly after the 2004 Democratic Convention where he electrified the audience with his speech something that sadly, John Kerry could never do. I was hosting a $10,000 dollar a plate fund raiser for the Democratic Party and Obama was in attendance.

A fellow Democratic Party member who was also in attendance made the introductions. Having done lots of scouting work for movies in Chicago, Obama and I shared that common trait of really knowing the city. We also talked about his speech the night he delivered. I asked him, “do you have inspirations to be President Of The United States in the future?” He replied, “this is John Kerry’s time”, but his smile told an entirely different story…. We chatted some more and then went our separate ways at the event. Fast – Forward to 2009, and low and behold, Barack Obama became our first African American President….

Between us, I had no doubt he would run and also win… This time around with his reelection, it’s not a sure thing because we have many nuts out there who really want to see him fail which is pitiful because no matter who the President is, if they fail, the country fails…. Less than 2 months to go to the polls, so let your voices be heard….

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