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Corey HART Still Sporting his SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT – MTV Rocker Tells All – Music News

Exclusive Interview by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

“MTV has lost its innocence.” – Corey Hart

In 1984, I was still living down in North Miami Beach, Florida, and as many that were my age back then (16 to be exact), loved Friday Night Videos. I was part of that group. The show aired on NBC from July 29, 1983 through December 30, 2000.

I can remember sometime in 1984, this tune coming on that had the line “I wear my sunglasses at night.” It had a heavy beat, catchy lyrics, and in the video, a 22 year old Corey Hart singing the song, which he wrote. I was hooked along with many of my cronies… It was not that long after the video aired, that the song made it up the US charts to #7 with a bullet.

Everywhere you went in Miami, the song played and many teenagers walked around with Ray Ban Sunglasses on during the night…

Some 27 years later, from that first big hit, Corey sat down with NewzBreaker to talk about his music career and his love of family. This interview shows that Hart also has a very humorous side to him as well….

Click Here to READ this Exclusive Interview with MTV Rocker Corey Hart

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