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Tony Jeter Ready to Go Into BATTLE Against Jimmy Lange – Boxing News

Exclusive Interview by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

I will be in kill mode on October 27th when I step in the ring against Jimmy Lange.”—Tony “Mo Better” Jeter

Popular DMV Boxer Tony “Mo Better” Jeter, 14-3-1, 10 KO’s is geared up for the fight of his boxing career when he takes on former Contender TV Star, Jimmy Lange,38-4-2, 25 KO’s at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA on Saturday October 27, 2012. In this exclusive interview, Jeter holds nothing back as usual with a passion in his voice to get in the ring right now.
Fight fans, doors will open at 6:00 pm, with the first fight scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm. All bouts are subject to change.

Tickets, priced at $40, $75, $125, $250 and $500 (plus applicable service charges), can be purchased through all Ticketmaster outlets including the Patriot Center box office, online at www.ticketmaster.com/ and via Phonecharge at 1-800-745-3000.

BB: Recently you put on a professional boxing show at your wife’s gym Club One Fitness in Millersville, MD. With the card now in the books, how did Jeter Promotions do?

We did good. I can tell you we will be back probably in February 2013 with another card. It was a lot of work to promote, match the fights and finally, fight in the main event with a big fight with Jimmy Lange five weeks later was a huge endeavor.

BB: The main event pitted you against Tyrel Brown, 7-3, 7 KO’s for the WBC Fedcarbox Middleweight belt. With this win, it put you in the top 30 for the World Boxing Council rankings. How does it feel to achieve that at this point in your boxing career?

Brad, I will tell you that if nothing else happens in my boxing career from this point, it’s amazing to be ranked in the World Boxing Council (WBC) top 30. I have known so many fighters over the years that have never been rated and they were really good. Years after my boxing days are over, I will be able to look back on this achievement.  I hope to even go higher in the rankings…

BB: Jeter Promotions is a husband and wife company. What is the upside and downside to being in business with your wife?

There is no downside at all…. The upside is I can trust my partner in business. In boxing, I don’t trust anyone. My back is always against the wall. With my wife, I know she only wants my best interest and what is best for our business. Way before we met, she was successful in business. She brings that to Jeter Promotions.

BB: On October 27th you face Jimmy Lange, 34-4-2, 20 KO’s at the Patriot Center in a fight which has the DMV buzzing with excitement. How is training going for this fight? What is your prediction?

Training is going very well. I just fought as you know, so I am in outstanding shape. My prediction is a win no matter how it comes. I think it’s going to be a great fight for the fans. When the fans come to see both Jimmy and I fight, no matter who we are up against, they always get their monies worth. It will be no different on October 27th at the Patriot Center.

BB: Jimmy Lange has been quoted as saying, “I see a lot of things I can expose and that he doesn’t like you.” What are your responses to those two quotes?

Well, I like him….. I am not going to change my stance because we are fighting. But with that said, no matter if I like him or hate him, I am going to fight Jimmy or anyone else the same way. I will be in kill mode on October 27th when I step in the ring against Jimmy Lange. As far as the things he says that he can expose in me, I can say the same thing about him.

BB: If you beat Jimmy Lange, where do you feel that will put you in the boxing world?

I think it will put me in a good spot. I wouldn’t have taken the fight if I didn’t think I could win. This is my first ten round fight and I am ready for it.

BB: You constantly take heat about the level of opposition you face. What do you say to those critics out there who make these comments?

I actually feel this applies to both Jimmy Lange and I. In life, people like to show their disdain for successful people. I am rated now in the top 30 and these “haters” are either not ranked or not in boxing. When it boils down to it, I really don’t care what they think about me.

BB: If you had to point to one fighter in the history of boxing that you enjoyed the most, who would that be and why?

Oscar De La Hoya… I watched him when I first started boxing in 1992 when he won a Gold Medal in the Summer Olympics. He probably was the most underrated champion in the history of boxing who fought everyone out there in their prime!

BB: If you could have a dream match against any boxer, who would that be and what do you think the outcome would be?

Jimmy Lange…. I think the outcome on October 27th is me getting my hand raised however that happens.

BB: Do you favor a mandatory retirement fund for all boxers and if so, how would you like to see it accomplished?

Yes, I would love to have one. The way they could do it is to have every fighter pay something from their purse after each fight. Of course, the higher paid fighters would have to pay more, but based on the amount of money a fighter makes, they would pay something into it. I also feel that all boxing promoters including myself should have to pay into a retirement fund as well.

BB: What is one thing outside of boxing that your fans out there may be surprised to hear about you?

I am a huge movie fanatic. I love going to the movies with my wife, eating popcorn and candy. When I beat Jimmy Lange, I will be going to the movies everyday for the next two weeks.

BB: Finally, what is the saying you live your life by?

“Go hard or go home.”

Tony Jeter
Nickname: “Mo Better”
Division: Middleweight
Professional Record: 14-3-2, 10 KO’s

Date Opponent W-L-D Location Result

2012-09-22 Tyrel Brown 7-2-0 Millersville, US W TKO 5
vacant WBC FECARBOX Middleweight Title
2012-02-25 Jose Felix 11-11-2 Millersville, US W UD 8

2011-12-17 Jose Felix 10-11-2 Arlington, US L TKO 5
2011-11-19 Ken Dunham 6-12-1 Upper Marlboro, US W UD 4
2011-03-12 Mike McFail 12-41-2 Fairfax, US W UD 6

2010-11-10 Adrian Redmond 4-7-1 Washington, US W KO 2
2010-07-10 Lawrence Jones 3-2-1 Fairfax, US D TD 1
2010-04-02 Vincent Robbins 3-8-2 Washington, US W KO 2

2009-09-26 Keith Gross 3-1-0 Fairfax, US W KO 1

2008-11-14 Darrett Crockett 6-20-0 Millersville, US W TKO 2
2008-09-19 Chris Cook 3-14-1 Millersville, US W UD 4
2008-04-18 Pete Guthy 1-3-2 Pikesville, US W TKO 1

2005-12-02 James Shedrick 3-4-0 Millersville, US L KO 4
2005-10-07 Lawrence Frisby 3-8-0 Millersville, US W TKO 2

2001-10-05 Kwame Bumpus 1-0-1 Philadelphia, US L UD 4
2001-06-29 Richard McCombs 1-0-0 Washington, US W TKO 1
2001-03-30 Curtis Wilkens 1-5-0 Dover, US NC NC 2
2001-02-07 Donald Beynum 0-1-0 Washington, US W KO 3
2001-01-25 Ervin Fuller 1-1-0 Glen Burnie, US W TKO 1

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