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Team RSR Fight Picks: Israel Vazquez Vs Rafael Marquez IV


Compiled by Brian Wilbur

In the last decade boxing has added to its list of epic boxing rivalries.  Right up with Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo, Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward, and Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez is Israel Vazquez vs. Rafael Marquez.  These two champions have matched wits and traded leather in three classic wars.  In the first two fights they exchanged knockouts in entertaining slugfests.  In the the rubber match, Vazquez scored a dramatic 12th round knockdown to secure a split decision win.  The fourth match will take place this Saturday, May 22nd, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. 

At the time of their first meeting, Israel Vazquez was a Super Bantamweight Champion looking for respect.  Rafael Marquez was a terrific well-respected Bantamweight Champion moving up in weight searching for a proper challenge.  Little did we know that their styles meshed to create some of the best action fights of the decade.  Vazquez plays the role of the determined, hammer-fisted hunter, where Marquez is the dynamite-fisted counter puncher who is a bit undersized but more skilled.  We have been hard pressed to go more than a couple rounds without someone being rocked in these three fights. 

Marquez and Vazquez IV is not for a title and probably won’t do much to enhance the legacy of either fighter.  This fight is not for a title either, and I wonder if either man can ever be the same after their brutal fights against each other.  Both men took long breaks to recuperate from their fights and the end of their championship careers is likely near after absorbing so much punishment.  Part four of this rivalry is strictly for the fans.  Unless the Earth stops spinning, these two Mexican warriors are going to put on a great show for the fans.

Team RSR offers their fight predictions for this exciting and anticipated showdown.

Gary “Digital” Williams

Two guys who know each other maybe TOO well!  I think this will be Marquez’s time.  Marquez by decision.

Joe Wilson

Part four will be another brutal battle. I’m going with the younger Israel Vazquez in 10 rounds by KO.

Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

Both Israel Vazquez and Rafael Marquez have spent the better part of themselves warring with each other over three remarkable encounters.  If Marquez were to find a way to come out on top in this next battle I wouldn’t be surprised to see them arrange yet another rematch for all of the marbles.  As it stands Vazquez is ahead at this moment and favored to prevail.  The sadist in me wants to see Marquez pull it out – and I’m going with him to take a split decision, but the realist in me says both are effectively finished after this one.

“Bad” Brad Berkwitt

I hope it lives up to the last one. Vazquez by 9th round TKO… 

Eoin Redahan

While both fighters have taken more than their fair share of punishment down the years, I think Rafael Marquez has a little more left in the tank than Israel Vazquez.  I can see this tear-up ending in the middle rounds.  Marquez by 7th round KO.

Jeff Stoyanoff

The key in this one could be the weight.  This fight will be contested at 126 pounds.  Marquez should be able to take the punches of Vazquez a little better and should be slightly less prone to wear down late in the fight as he did in the third contest.  In as tight a match up as there can be, Vazquez absolutely needs these dynamics to be successful.  Marquez will appear stronger and should fare better during the inevitable exchanges, though this will still be a fantastic give and take battle from start to finish.  In the end, Marquez will earn the victory by a stoppage somewhere around round 10 or 11.

Scott Heritage

Both are looking a little shop worn and neither has been very active lately.  Also, both are gutsy and determined, and on paper are fairly even, with Marquez having the height and reach advantages.  That being said I think Vazquez will have Marquez’s number again.  He has the previous form, and I think has a little more left in the tank.  Vazquez in 8 rounds.

Geno McGahee

Vazquez in 8 rounds.  Time is on his side and Marquez will be more open for the incoming.  An exciting fight with Vazquez’s superior strength being the difference.

Chris O’Brien

After the split decision last time, this bout looks too close to call.  I cannot see this war matching up to the previous three bouts, but I think Vazquez may just have the heart to pull off the win.

Brian Wilbur

I’ve gone with Rafael Marquez every time so far in this series, and although I’ve been wrong twice I still think that my reasoning is sound.  Marquez is the better boxer who can consistently win round without hurting his opponent.  The same cannot be said about Vazquez.  Rafael’s problem so far is that every time he has put together a good couple rounds, Israel finds a way to crack him on the chin and stop the momentum.  I’m going with Marquez by decision, doing just enough this time to stay out of harm’s way. 

Final Tally
Israel Vazquez – 5
Rafael Marquez – 5

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