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RSR Message Board Update


By Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

It’s that time of year; the summer blockbuster. And like the recent return of Tony Stark and his iron clad alter ego, the RSR message boards are back and better than ever. I suppose I could say “new and improved” but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. You cannot improve upon something that already meets an ideal. Let’s just call them tweaked….and enjoy the risqué formula applied to the mythical standing some past greats enjoy relative to today’s approximates. A demonstration of this new approach can be found in the thread “Floyd Mayweather JR – Where Does He Rate”, a discussion that demands you leave personal preference at the door and don the blue blockers of reasonability.

If lighter fare is your game and you aren’t in league with those that regularly place their right hand over the left side of their chests whilst pledging blind allegiance to the time-honored welfare recipient of “The Isles”, then the apt topic “Is It Just Me or is David Haye a Puss” might just be your ticket for letting off some steam. And speaking of blind allegiance, do you really think that Miguel Cotto stands a chance for a third division title? ”Manny Steward: Cotto/Foreman 50/50” is your opportunity to voice how the Puerto Rican great will solve the complicated puzzle that is the far bigger and underrated current WBA super welterweight champion. It’s all here and its ready for your two cents and it can all be found in our Boxing Discussions forum.

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