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Gary Hyde Wins Ruling to Continue Managing Guillermo “The Jackal” Rigondeaux


Full Court Press Release

Irish boxing manager Gary Hyde, who last December won a legal judgment in Miami to manage two-time Olympic champion Guillermo “The Jackal” Rigondeaux, recently received legal confirmation to continue managing the Cuban boxing star, effectively knocking out Hyde’s opposition for control of Rigondeaux’ pro boxing career. Defendants had sought reconsideration of the ruling and that was denied.

Rigondeaux (5-0, 4 KOs), fighting as a super bantamweight out of Miami, defecting from Cuba, where he was a 7-time national champion. The 29-year-old southpaw also won multiple World Championships titles, as well as a gold medal at the 2003 Pan-Am Games, during his incredible 243-4 amateur career.

In order to develop “Rigo” into a world champion, arrangements were made for 4-time Trainer of the Year, Freddie Roach, to become Rigondeaux’ head trainer, as well as for Guillermo to workout at Roach’s famed Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles. “The two have unfortunately parted ways,” Hyde said. “Misinformation and false accusations against Roach were made by people who have been controlling Rigondeaux. The truth is ‘Rigo’ left Freddie because Roach said he wasn’t in proper condition to fight April 10 (at Sunrise, FL) because he’d been training only two weeks. ‘Rigo’ shared Roach’s apartment with Jose Benevidez, Sr. and Jr. and he received excellent treatment from everybody at the Wild Card Gym.

“They said Freddie didn’t have the authority to prevent ‘Rigo” from fighting (Apr. 10), so, as his manager, I stopped him from taking that fight. Then they instructed ‘Rigo” to leave Freddie and return to Miami. Roach and Rigondeaux work amazingly well together and understand each other very well. Freddie said that ‘Rigo’ is one of the best fighters he has ever worked with and predicts he’ll be world champion.”

Hyde remains in Rigondeaux’ corner despite interference from others, building on a relationship they started years ago when Gary helped ‘Rigo” to defect and relocate.

Hyde has agreed in principle for a multi-million dollar promotional deal which would make ‘Rigo’ the highest earning super bantamweight of all-time. “It’s in Guillermo’s best interest to return to Los Angeles and resume training with Freddie Roach at the Wild Card Gym,” Hyde concluded. “Freddie knows what it’ll take to make ‘Rigo’ a world conqueror like so many of his other fighters over the years. Rigondeaux will be 100-percent ready for every fight when Freddie Roach is working his corner again.”

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