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Manny Pacquiao PARKINSON’S SHOCKER – Floyd Mayweather JR, Juan Manuel Marquez & More – “The Doctor is In-SANE!”

By Vinnie Franklin

Yo, check this out. Manny Pacquiao was recently put on blast by a doctor that has concerns about his health, stating that he has signs of early Parkinson’s disease. A lot of keyboard warriors have come out and told this doctor to shut up, but somebody needs to release the dogs on them. YA HEARD! Pacquiao should learn from Freddie Roach and Muhammad Ali. If you take too many shots to the head, it’s not good! Money isn’t everything player. You want to keep your marbles.

Like most glory hounds, Pacquiao is refusing to even entertain the notion, stating that he is ready to come back in April and avenge his loss. Really? Really? Juan Manuel Marquez will give you a stretcher ride this time. YA HEARD!

There is nothing left for Manny to do. Even if he were to beat Marquez, it doesn’t matter. He made his money and he must let the sport go, but he likes the fame. Y’all know that these women that he has had on the side all liked being with Pacquiao because he’s Pacquiao. When the star fades, he may only get one of these groupie journalists to fly over to the Philippines and rub his feet while he sings bad love songs. Hey Manny, I thought you Christians were against the man on man boom boom. YA HEARD! Why’s that dude rubbing your feet?!

Now Floyd Mayweather, JR., has moved on. There’s no need to put Pacquiao on blast. He has shifted focus to Canelo Alvarez, and it’s a much better fight for the people. Manny never really had a shot.

Speaking of Manny’s shot, Thong, owner of MannyLand, takes a shot in the mouth here with his comments about this situation. Do it Thongapella!


“Well lick my crack and call me the new guy in prison. This Parkinson’s thing is really picking up steam and it may be getting to my cash cow. Hey, Manny, you’d better not retire until you set me up. You know what’s really f**ked up? I run this site, praise that little turd and he NEVER throws me a bone. Where’s the cheese player? I mean, you can’t tell me that all the people that come to my site to read other peoples’ articles don’t rent his stupid fights and make him money. He should cut me a check every once in a while. Hell, pretend you drop it on the table you good Christian you. LOL. Good Christian? Yeah, and Britney Spears is giving me (removed) right now as I (removed) in her (removed) with my big and fat throbbing (removed). So go suck Freddie’s (removed) and cut me a check man. I need the green. Thong Dong Silver Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”


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