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Xbox & PS3 Breaking VIDEO GAME NEWS: Downloadable Content (DLC) & More

Connected Media Solutions Ltd, the parent company of Xbox360Achievements.org and PS3Trophies.org, is proud to announce that for a sixth year running the company’s online properties have posted another year of impressive growth, reaching a record high of 4.1 million monthly unique users in the New Year across the network – an increase of over 700,000 monthly unique users compared to 2011.

Xbox 360 Achievements (X360A) went from strength to strength in 2012, upping the average monthly unique visitors from 1.6 million to 2 million, whilst reaching a record high of 2.5 million monthly uniques in the New Year, consolidating its position as the world’s biggest Xbox content site.

PS3 Trophies on the other hand saw a bigger growth in terms of percentages, growing its monthly average audience from 900,000 in 2011 to 1.25 million monthly unique users in 2012, drawing in a staggering 1.65 million monthly uniques in the New Year and cementing its place as the internet’s biggest PlayStation content site.

“2012 might not have been the games industry’s best year in terms of revenue and what not,” said Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director, Dan Webb, “but despite such tough conditions we’ve managed to post some impressive growth figures once again, especially more so considering we’re coming to the end of this console cycle. Breaking the 4 million monthly uniques threshold was a fine day for the company and a win for all independent sites out there.”

2012 saw both X360A and PS3T launch their impressive HD video platform, as well as seeing the sites head to the MCM Expo to take up hosting duties on the main Games Stage. It also saw them launch the massively ambitious and unprecedented collaboration with Codemasters to design GRID 2’s achievement and trophy list.

“As much as hitting traffic milestones and goals are important, the collaboration between Codemasters was not only a personal goal of mine, but it allows us to do something historic and beneficial for the industry as well,” said Webb. “Putting on an amazing show at the MCM Expo, with 40,000 people watching the HD livestream from the comfort of their own homes, and getting over 1 million on-site video views on our new video channel are two incredible achievements too. It’s been a truly great year and I can’t thank our staff and users enough for their hard work and continued loyalty.”

“I know I say it every year, but 2013 will be our year,” said Webb. “With the GRID 2 content in full flow, the inevitable launch of the new consoles and some fancy things that we still have up our sleeves, we’re ready to take it to the next level.”

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